• Kristina Louise


Alright... So I FINALLY joined a gym!

Yes, thats right- After paying the drop in rate for over a year I finally committed to a gym membership. Shocking, I know.

I chose to sign up with YouFit for a few different reasons.

1. They have several different locations, including one that is only minutes from my house. Heck, if I wanted a little more cardio I could jog there. But lets not get carried away now.

2. They are totally affordable. Never mind paying over $30 for LA or $60+ for Lifetime. Youfit has the same equipment and far less people. They also always run specials and promotions making it even more affordable with no money down to join!

3. As I briefly touched on in number two, there are far less people at Youfit. The last thing I want or need once my preworkout kicks in,is to wait to use a machine.

YouFit facilities include state-of-the-art fitness equipment for every fitness level. They also offer one on one personal training sessions to help you accomplish your goals. YouFit also has tons of classes including Zumba, Barre, Body Attack, Cardio Kickbox, Cycle, Yoga, and HIIT. The locker rooms are always clean. Some locations offer swimming, saunas, and tanning as well.

So stop over paying and check out a YouFit near you!!!

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