• Kristina Louise

What a Fun Day at Pinots Pallet in Gilbert

Sunday, I had the pleasure of attending my first ever painting class at Pinot's Palette. For a single mom like me, that never gets out, this was a real treat!

We were greeted upon arrival by a couple staff members and quickly asked if we had been there before. After stating we were first timers and complete newbies, Brandon proceeded to fully introduce himself and give us a tour of the establishment.

He showed us the bar and let us know they had beer and wine on tap as well as champagne, water, and soda too. He then pointed out the clean bathrooms before taking us into the private back room.

Throughout the whole tour, all the walls were covered floor to ceiling with paintings. Landscapes, animals, skylines, and so much more. The anticipation was definitely building.

After getting to the back room, Brandon showed us our spots and told us how the day would work before offering bottomless mimosas. We gladly accepted the offer for some liquid courage to paint this lovely aspen painting displayed before us.

I'd taken a girlfriend and fellow single mom with me to delight in a fun day out. We spent the time before class taking selfies and sipping champagne.

The class started right on time and consisted of a total of 6 ladies. One gal was celebrating a birthday, which only added to the fun.

Brandon kept the laughs going and the drinks flowing throughout the entire class. There was definitely never a dull moment.

At one point, we got to spin a prize wheel for either candy, a hug, a free painting, and a few other freebies. I surprisingly won a free painting and was absolutely ecstatic!

Brandon led me to the front where there were several bins filled with completed paintings. I sifted through them and chose the one I wanted.

I rejoined the class and finished my masterpiece! Much to my surprise, my painting actually resembled the one on display in which we were copying. I was totally impressed with myself and a little shocked to be honest.

We wrapped up the class with some fun group pics and a final drink for the road.

Don't worry people, I was not driving and therefore indulged a little on this rare occasion to get out of the house for some much needed me time.

I cannot wait to return to paint another masterpiece. In fact, they have classes for kids too! As long as you are okay with you child being around alcohol, since there is a bar and they can sit still for a couple of hours to paint; they are welcome! I know my Chloe would have a ton of fun and a total blast with something like this. Stay tuned for that post!! ;)

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