• Kristina Louise

Violet Fox

What girl doesn't like a cute bag?!

I recently ordered a customized tote from Violet Fox and was so excited to receive it.

Violet Fox, previously known as Krafty Kix, is an online retailer specializing in personalizations.

I chose the tote because of its size. It was big enough to fit my laptop, but not too big to be used as an everyday purse.

I decided to be a little adventurous about my color selection after seeing the samples on the website.

I originally wanted a simple blag bag with teal monogram. However, there was a picture of a red bag with the same teal color that really stood out to me.

Upon receiving the bag, I was a little disappointed though.

The red teal combo did not look anything like it did on the website.

The shade of red was a little bull and not vibrant as it had appeared. This made it not look too great with the teal lettering I had chosen.

The bag appears to be a decent quality, which i was a little surprised about. And the size is great.

But sadly, I do not see myself ever using this bag.

Next time, I'll stick to what I know and keep it simple with the classic black.

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