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Strains for Stoner Moms

Hey mama!

Home schooling stressing you out?

No worries, I got you!

Cannabis is known to help treat a variety of symptoms and illnesses that especially target women. Everything from endometriosis, anxiety, depression, IBS, PMS, and even eating disorders. This miracle medicine is a great tool for optimal women’s health and elevating self care practices.

So here we are in the 21st century, but yet women are still afraid to share their use of cannabis. They fear the criticism and judgement that’ll come from their peers. & God forbid this woman is also a mother! Wooo wee… This can potentially jeopardize everything these magnificent mommies hold near and dear.

This is why I decided to speak up and share my cannabis journey; to advocate for decriminalization, legalization, and safe access to cannabis for those who need it. Showing others there is so much more to the wonderful world of weed.

Today, I wanted to share seven strains for all you stoner moms

  • Lavender - This strain promotes relaxation, leaving you in an uplifted state of euphoria. Lavender can be used to treat insomnia, stress, and anxiety.

  • Remedy - This strain promotes mild relaxation, without the psychoactive effects, allowing you to focus. Remedy is typically used to treat seizures, pain, autism, inflammation, and anxiety disorders.

  • Ghost Train Haze - This potent sativa is great for knocking out pain, depression, and appetite loss. GTH is a bit of a heavy hitter and should be avoided by those with high anxiety.

  • Green Crack - This energizing sativa is used to help users fight fatigue, stress, and depression.

  • Blue Dream - This sativa dominant strain will gently ease you into euphoria. DB is typically used for pain relief, nausea, depression, and other symptoms requiring high levels of THC.

  • Dream Queen - This sativa dominant hybrid will leave you in a dream like state of euphoria. DQ is great for stress and anxiety.

  • Red Dragon - This hybrid is great for those suffering from stress and/or depression. RD promotes a giggly, uplifting high; but might cause paranoia.

Being a mom is one of the hardest “jobs” one can have

Whether you are a stay at home mom, working a 9-5, or building your biz-


You deserve it

Happy Thursday loves!

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