• Kristina Louise

Love Yourself

Embrace your journey!

Picture on the left is me at my smallest point back in 2017. I weighed 81 lbs.

I didnt weigh much to begin with, maybe 98 lbs on average; but I dropped over 15 lbs in a matter of weeks!

I was constantly nauseous, no appetite, couldnt hold anything down- not even water and saltines. I was dizzy and light headed as a result of such poor nutrition.

The doctors said my body was in starvation mode. Those 2 words rocked my world.

I didnt even weigh 100 lbs to begin with! I didnt need to lose weight and I certainly should not be in STARVATION MODE.

I said the hell with the doctors. All they did was give me prescriptions, never answering any of my questions or finding the root of the problem. I took matters into my own hands, really focusing on myself.. my overall happiness and well being.

I went hiking a lot, always taking my camera. I began practicing more yoga at home and really loving my inversions. I started meditating almost daily. I was very strict about what I put into my body after researching ibs and autoimmune disease.

Slowly but surely things got better and better... and are still improving even today. I weigh 108 lbs in the picture on the right, which was taken last Friday.

It doesnt matter where you start, as long as you START.

Stop comparing yourself to others. By doing so, you only limit yourself to being as great as they are; and you end up preventing yourself from achieving a higher level of greatness that you probably never knew was possible.

Do you

F*ck what everyone else may think

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