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Products for Beginners- Working Out at Home

I figured I would share some of the yoga products I've purchased thus far. Simply click the titles below to view photos and complete details.

Please let me know what y'all think or if you have any questions!

Sivan 6-Piece Yoga Set

I purchased this set right off the bat. It seemed absolutely perfect as it came with everything I needed to get started! This set includes a yoga mat, a yoga strap, 2 blocks, a large mat towel, and a small hand towel.

Yoga Socks and Gloves Set

When attending Bikram, these yoga socks and gloves came in handy so much! When getting all hot and sweaty I was very grateful to have these. They fit perfect, are very comfortable, and have just the right traction.

Yoga Fan

I'm not going to lie... I knew very few poses and even fewer names. This yoga fan proved to be very useful. It's helped me learn more poses and their proper names. It also tells you a little bit about each pose and how to do it properly.

Yoga Wheel

My back is incredibly tight; which would make some poses difficult and even slightly painful at times. Purchasing a yoga wheel was one of the best decisions I could have made to improve my flexibility. This one even comes with a strap and a complete guide to help you get started!

Yoga Ball

I also purchased a yoga ball as well. Not only can I use this to improve my flexibility along with the wheel, but it can also be used in several at home workouts as well. I definitely love the variety of things I can do with this ball. They do come in different sizes as well.

Resistance Bands Set

These resistance bands are fantastic. They came in a variety of different weights and included a complete guide! They are very stretchy and quite durable.

Booty Band

This band will most likely be fabric and will be wider than your typical resistance band. These bands are designed not to roll on ya. I use them for most, if not all, of my glute workouts.

Gliding Discs

These gliding discs are perfect for mountain climbers, various leg and core exercises and so much more! The glide easily over both carpet and wood/tile.


Looking to start building your home gym, but don't want to break the bank... No worries. You don't have to spend a fortune to get decent equipment. These dumbbells come in a variety of different weights for every skill level. I love the grip and the fact that the weights aren't too bulky.

Weighted Jump Rope

I've loved jumprope since I was a kid. However I quickly learned there are a variety of jumpropes and it does make a difference which you use. I prefer the weighted ones and incorporate 1 minute jumprope at the end of each circuit I do with my HIIT routines.

Bluetooth Selfie Stick

Of course, no collection would be complete without a selfie stick tripod with bluetooth remote to document all those cool, new moves! The bluetooth remote is absolutely amazing. I can hide it in the palm of my hand and capture each pose during my flow. Of course I have and will continue to add to my wonderful at home collection, but hopefully this enough to get your started! Check back in the future for an updated list of equipment I use :)

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