• Kristina Louise

Perks of being self employed

This past week was absolutely amazing!

Kevin had to go out to San Diego for training with his job and because I can work from anywhere, I decided to tag along!

We left a day early allowing us a whole day to explore the city together. I thought we would see some sights, grab some food, and hit the beach. But Kevin, being the wonderful man he is, surprised me with a trip to the San Diego Zoo! I had never been and was beyond excited.

The ground were so green and gorgeous. The foliage so luscious. There were so many different animals, a few of which I had never seen in person before.

I enjoyed seeing the penguins. They are just so tiny and cute in their little tuxedos. Some splashed around while others sunbathed.

The red panda was stunning. This is one I do not believe I had seen before and oh she was pretty.

The lioness made a beautiful debut and graced us with a walk. She was huge and absolutely breathtaking. All that power and beauty rolled into one amazing creature.

Of course, the turtles caught my eye as they always do. There were about 6 of them piled on a log until one little guy knocked everyone off. The turtles and tortoises are always my favorite.

We were there for about 3 or 4 hours and came nowhere near seeing every exhibit, but I'm okay with that. That just means we will have to go back again to see the rest!

The next two days I stayed busy working at the hotel while Kevin went to training.

We spent the evenings together exploring local restaurants and trying some delicious food. Kevin took me to the Gasp Lamp District, Coronado Island, and Mission Beach. This trip was definitely one to remember.

I feel so blessed to have such an incredible man in my life and job that allows me to live life on my terms.

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