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Newest Obsession- Fre Skincare

First and foremost, I need to thank Fre Skincare for partnering with me so I can provide y'all with this review!

I workout, hike, and do yoga all while living in sunny Arizona. So to say my skin sweats often is a complete understatement. Heck, there are times when I get sweaty just walking to the car in this heat! So to find a company like the Fre has me ecstatic. Fre is designed for women who work-out and formulated for sweating skin. The 123Fre skincare set creates a clear complexion and a healthy glow. It combats breakouts, dehydration, and the signs of aging. All of their products are hypoallergenic and vegan! How cool is that?!

The 123FRE kit includes:

Protect Me: an ultra light moisturizer with SPF 30

Purify Me: a hydrating facial cleanser

Revive Me: a deep, replenishing serum

I'm going to be totally transparent with y'all...

I am such a lazy girl!

I do not have a set skincare regimen/routine. I cleanse my face in the shower every morning and use a makeup wipe every evening before going to bed. I do not use high end, expensive products. I am a total bargain shopper and typically stick with what I know works, rather than wasting insane amounts of money trying new products/brands. #singlemomlife

While I'm being honest, I RARELY wear SPF; which is a big no no being a natural redhead and so fair skinned. So I must admit that the "protect me" moisturizer has been aaaa-mazing! While it is a little thicker in consistency then I normally use; it does go on smooth and is quickly absorbed into my skin.

The "purify me" facial cleanser gently exfoliates the skin with just the right amount of tiny, little jojoba beads; hydrating my skin while restoring its natural pH balance. Unlike most cleansers I've tried, this did not dry out my skin and instead left it feeling soft and smooth. Doesn't smell too bad either!

But out of the complete 123 Fre skincare set, the "revive me" serum is definitely my favorite. I use this product before bed and wake up to beautifully glowing skin in the morning. It doesn't clog my pores and is said to combat premature aging, which is definitely something I need as I get older. ;)

I've been using these products for a little over a month now. I've worn them to the gym, to the pool, for hikes and on jogs; as well as through a period. Not only has my skin stayed hydrated, but it has also stayed clear. Although they do not advertise as an acne treatment; I would typically break out during my monthly, but not this time around! Thank goodness. If you want to try Fre Skincare for yourself rather than just taking my word for it, use code KRISTINAL for a discount when ordering-- Because who doesn't like discounts?!

UPDATE: I just received the "Detox Me" face mask. LOVE love love it. Tried it last night. I left mine on for about 2 minutes before rinsing. My skin feels soft and smooth and hydrated. BIG fan!

Detox Me: Prevents acne and breakouts while riding the skin of dead cells and restoring moisture.

Visit Fre to order your today and enter code KRSITINAL at checkout!

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