• Kristina Louise

My Skincare Routine

Let's talk selfcare, better yet - skincare!

Now, I'll admit I use to be a bit of a slacker when it came to skincare.

I bought random products, without doing research

I did always "wash" my face with cleanser unless I wore makeup, which is rarely

Oh, and I've never had a legit facial

I've been fortunate enough to have faily clear skin. Yes, I have freckles, a bit of rosacea, and blackheads; but I don't get bad breakouts and never had acne. (knock on wood)

However, as I get older I not only see the importance in having a solid skincare routine; but keeping on it as well and with quality products.

That is why I was beyond blessed to be gifted the Vitamin C collection from Derm-e! Derma-e has a variety of lines and products to choose from. So there is bound to be something for everyone!!!

Keep in mind, what works for me --- Might not work for you.

Gentle Daily Cleansing Paste- this cleanser helps reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone for more radiant looking skin.

Renewing Moisturizer- this lightweight moisturizer helps naturally support collagen production.

Hydro Gel Patches- brightens and hydrates under the eye to reduce bags and dark circles.

Vitamin C Concentrated Serum- loaded with antioxidants for ultimate hydration.

Intense Night Cream- restores and rejuvenates the skin.

My favorite has got to be the hydro gel patches. I like the cooling affect and find them quite relaxing.

Having a solid routine and quality products has made all the difference in my skin. I am more confident and comfortable than ever!

I linked everything, in case something caught your eye. I hope it helps.

Do you have a regular skincare regimen?

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