• Kristina Louise

My Indoor Power Smokeless Grill Review

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing the Indoor Power Smokeless Grill, as seen on tv. I was pleasantly surprised to be honest.

I have tried a couple different George Forman models in the past and was never really impressed. They didn't seem to cook evenly and clean up was always such a pain.

The commercial claims this grill will not only cook evenly, but also leave real grill marks and have that off the grill taste. In addition, it states you can clean melted cheese off with ease, fit up to 6 chicken breasts, and put most pieces in the dishwasher for easy clean up.

So I put all of this to the test!

I grilled a hamburger and chicken breast using the grill plate. I cooked an egg and some bacon on the griddle. I even burned a piece of cheese to see if it really did clean right up. I also put most pieces into the dishwasher.

The burgers and the chicken did cook a lot more even then they would have on some of the other indoor grills. It was super easy to cook breakfast using the griddle plate. I enjoyed dirtying only one pan verses 2 or 3. I was very surprised that the cheese did in fact peel right off, just as the commercials claimed. It was also nice that everything came out of the dishwasher clean.

Check out the video below to watch my full review!

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