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In my first post about how I got started with my yoga; I mentioned some health issues I have been dealing with. I wanted to take a moment to dive a little bit deeper into all of that.

Come 2016 and 2017 I found myself getting dizzy and lightheaded very often. It happened when I would change positions, get up from laying down, move quickly, ect. At first I told myself this was my vertigo and tried to deal with it.

It eventually came to the point that even excellerating quickly in a vehicle at a stop light made me feel faint. I'd get a lot of pressure in my head, a fluttering feeling in my chest, and my hearing would get slightly hallow sounding as I began to get tunnel vision. I wasn't able to go on rollercoasters or jump on the trampoline with my daughter. I just felt awful.

It wasn't until I finally blacked out and fainted, breaking my nose that I realized something was up and it was time to go to the doctor.

One night, I was taking out the trash- tossed it in the can, closed the door, and turned to walk inside. Normally when I get dizzy I feel it coming and can brace myself, but not this time.

Before I knew it, I was opening my eyes in a total haze of confusion. I was looking at the garage door that led back into the house. Still not sure what had just happened. I went to get up off of the concrete floor and noticed my nose was dripping blood. I took a moment to get my bearings and headed inside.

My boyfriend at the time was already in bed. As I walked passed him holding my hand under my nose to go into the bathroom, he asked me what was wrong. I told him I'd fallen in the garage. He jumped out of bed to come see if I was ok, stating he heard a loud bang but thought it was just the door slamming.

I cleaned myself up, took a Tylenol, and laid down for bed. In the morning, my body ached and my head was throbbing. My nose was incredibly sore and my face was bruised in a couple different spots. I made sure to call my doctor as soon as the office opened to schedule an appointment to get checked out.

I walked them through what happened step by step and explained how I had been feeling. He said my nose was definitely broken, before moving into additional questions. We discussed my vertigo, my eating habits, as well as my anxiety.

He checked me out, notating my murmur and asking if I had ever had that checked out. I let him know I'd had an echocardiograph in the past, but never had treatment or surgery.

He then ordered a CT scan as well as some blood work. Told me to stay hydrated and take it easy. Said my nose would heal fine on its own.

The CT scan came back normal as did my blood work. I was told that I had hypotension as well as SVT. SVT is a faster than normal heart rate beginning above the heart's two lower chambers, sometimes causing palpitations. But even this didn't fully explain why I was feeling the way I was.

To make matters worse, I started getting incredibly nauseous and began losing my appetite. I was 96 pounds when this all began and at my lowest I weighed a measly 81 pounds.

It got to the point where none of my clothes fit, even my bras and panties were getting too big. I could fit both arms down the waist of my size 0 jeans while wearing them. Yoga pants were starting to get loose on me as well.

I remember my mom coming over one day and instantly bursting into tears after she saw me. She was beyond worried and ready to admit me as she stood there watching me fiddle away. It truly broke my heart to see the pain this was causing those around me. Those who care about me and my health. But yet, none on us could do anything.

Doctors could not figure it out. They told me they had found ketones in my urine which meant my body was in starvation mode. I didn't quite understand what that meant and asked for more information. I was told it was similar to when bodybuilders are in their prep or cutting stage and trying to lose weight. However, for them it is their goal and main objective; whereas for me it was incredibly damaging to my petite frame.

From there, I was referred to a cardiologist after getting more into my symptoms.

The cardiologist had me wear a heart monitor for 48 hours. Nothing came up in those 48 hours though, because I literally did nothing but lay around all weekend. So then I had to wear the monitors for 2 weeks! Every time my numbers spiked or I had symptoms, I was to call an 800 number so they could record my actions and symptoms.

At the end of it all, I was given some medication, told to increase my daily water intake, and to eat more salt. I don't know about y'all, but I was very displeased with this.

I took it easy, tried to drink more water, put salt on everything and took a break from physical activity. I wasn't able to be active with my daughter or do some of the activities I love. There had to be more to this or at least a better way to manage my day to day symptoms.

I began focusing heavily on my diet and nutrition, which was hard when nothing sounded good. I remember taking a bible of a saltine cracker just to upchuck moments later. There were times when I couldn't even seep water down.

I did a lot of research about what foods to eat for hypotension and anxiety. I started eating cleaner and meal prepping regularly. I did find that if I ate small meals throughout the day and stayed on top of my water intake, I did feel better. Next was upping my calorie intake and being sure I was getting enough protein.

As I began to feel better and was able to seep food down more often, I decided it was time to get back in the gym. For the last couple years I have said I'd get into the best shape of my life and always fell off the wagon. Apparently being lazy was more important, but not anymore. Now my health was a definite priority, like it always should have been.

After a few months of managing my nutrition properly and working out regularly, I'd gained all the weight back I had lost and then some. I'll never forget the first time I saw triple digits on my scale... I literally cried real tears. I'd never weighed over 100 pounds, except for when I was pregnant and even then I only got to 117 lbs at my heaviest. This was something I had always wanted and was oh so grateful for.

Now, I rarely get lightheaded or feel faint. I will get headaches and slight dizziness if I slack on my water, but thats about it. I'm able to workout, do my yoga, go hiking, play with my little girl, and so much more without feeling like death!!!

We are all different... We all have our own trials and tribulations. We will all have our own obstacles to overcome. The thing to remember is to never give up. You are not your diagnosis and are so much stronger than you think. I strongly believe we can do anything we put our mind to.

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