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How I Am Learning To Monetize My Influence With LadyBossBlogger

Hey y’all!

Have you ever thought about making money as an influencer, but are not quite sure how or where to start?

No worries… I’ve got you girl!!!

Over the last few days I’ve been going through the course “How to Make Money as an Infleuncer” with Elain Rau, AKA the one and only LadyBossBlogger, and I am so excited to tell y’all a little more about it.

Sneak Peek of The Course

As I said, I did just start the course a few days ago, so check back in a couple of weeks for my final review. But here is what I’ve enjoyed thus far:

  • First, there is a lot of information! This course is definitely packed with value. It is very well organized; making it super easy to absorb and comprehend. Y’all know I always say, organization is key.

  • I also LOVE all of the additional tools, apps and websites that have been mentioned throughout the course so far. These are definitely going to be extremely helpful in the future!

  • I can see there is an entire bonus section at the end and cannot wait to get to that!!

Want A Chance To Win A FREE LadyBossBlogger Course?

I’m so impressed with the course that I’ve partnered with LadyBossBlogger for a giveaway. Don’t miss your chance because one lucky lady will have a chance to win a course of her choice for FREE!

Here’s how to enter to win:

Get 40% Off Any LadyBossBlogger Course

Don’t forget to check back in a few weeks for my final thoughts and the winner of the contest!

In the meantime, you can use my code “KRISTINA” for 40% off of any Elaine Rau’s courses!

Good luck ladies!

Additional FREE Resources on LadyBossBlogger

Thank you LadyBossBlogger + Elaine Rau for sponsoring this post

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