• Kristina Louise

MOD Pizza

Who's been to MOD Pizza?!

I'd never heard of this place until one opened up the street.

At first, I thought it was just another pizza place and didn't think too much about it.

You see, with all of my gut issues pizza isn't necessarily my friend.

I've eliminated gluten from my diet for the most part and do not do well with red sauce.

It wasn't until someone told me more about it that I considered giving it a try.

A friend compared it to Chipotle, but with pizza. You get to fully customize your pie and they bake it right in front of you.

Ok, you have my attention...

But then she goes on to say they have gluten friendly crust, dairy free cheese, and other sauces to choose from!

I was sold!!!

Chloe and I went the following Friday.

After walking in, it seemed like a pretty cool place.

There are small menus for you to look over while you wait as well as a huge menu on the wall. Plus, you can always create your own. Which is what I do.

Not only do they have pizzas and salads, but they also serve beer, wine, and shakes!

MOD has become our Friday ritual and we love it!

If you have a MOD near you and haven't tried it yet, please do! You wont be disappointed.

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