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How did I quit my 9-5 and become self employed?

I was at a pretty low point when I stumbled upon an internet marketing "college" on Instagram. After looking into it further, I learned they taught you everything about getting started making money online with ecommerce AND were local.

I never saw myself doing ecom, but it was somewhere to start and seemed interested. Plus, what else was I doing?!

I dove head first, learning anything and everything I could.

I built, ran, and sold several successful stores. I learmed all about Facebook ads, so, ad copy, lead generation, list building, email marketing, and so much more.

I knew a shopify store wasn't my end game; but learning so much so quickly, the opportunities seemed endless.

I freelanced for a while.

I did VA work, helping others run and manage their businesses.

I did social media management and Instagram growth; where I managed huge accounts for some of the best in the biz and helped others grow their social media accounts.

Now i help women design the lives they desire. Tapping into their true power. Crushing their goals. Living with purpose.

Whether youre a mom that is looking for balance

Or a 9-5er struggling to make ends meet

Or a woman needing clarity

I can help

Slide into my DMs now to book for FREE connection call

I look forward to hearing all about your hopes and your dreams. Your goals and your aspirations.

Talk soon!

What would you do if money and fear were not a problem?

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