• Kristina Louise

Joshua Tree

At the beginning of the year I signed up to attend a spiritual yoga retreat in the desert with 15 other women. It was going to be 5 days of yoga, sisterhood, breath work, healing, and meditation. To say I was excited was an understatement.

Typically my anxiety would have talked me out of something like this. Even if I paid for the ticket and said I'd be there, as the day drew closer anxiety would have crept in. Placing doubt and fear in my mind. Making me question myself, my intentions, and my overall decision to go. But much to my surprise, that didn't happen this time. In act, it didn't even really click what was happening until I was already half way there. This truly resonated with me and spoke volumes to my soul.

I was created by two friendly faces that welcomed me warmly and showed me around the house. I found my room and began to settle in as more people started to arrive. Before leaving my room, told myself I was strong and brave and that I could do this and anything else I put my mind to.

I walked out back to meet a handful of other women. All so kind and beautiful with such calming, warm energy. It was refreshing and put me at ease. I knew I had made the right decision and was where I needed to be.

We kicked off the retreat with a welcoming circle and meditation. Everyone got the chance to introduce themselves while stating their fears and their intentions. It was truly eye opening to hear so many stories similar to mine. Maybe I wasn't alone in this.

Every morning we woke to enjoy a tasty breakfast of fresh fruit, yogurt, and avocado toast. Oh and don't forget the tea and coffee of course.

After breakfast we'd head to the yoga room for some morning meditation and Kundalini yoga. I had never done Kundalini and instantly fell in love. It is such a beautiful practice.

But even better than the Kundalini was the breath work. Although I balled my eyes out the entire time, it was truly transformational. I felt and saw things I had long forgotten after years of suppression. I let go of so much pain, shame, and guilt. I forgave myself and others. I discovered my true power and ultimate purpose.

We had a dance party to tap into our feminine power. Letting our bodies move freely. We participated in a cacao ceremony, journeyed with mushrooms, and had a sound bath. All of which uniquely beautiful experiences in their own ways.

We also got the chance hiked in Joshua Tree National Park and explored the local town.

The retreat was my first vegan experience as well as the entire 5 day retreat was catered by @theretreatchef. I'd never tried vegan eating and I will say although it was very different for me, it wasn't terrible! In fact, I rather quite enjoyed a few of the dishes. The pumpkin butternut squash soup was to die for!

Never before had I experienced sisterhood or at least not on such a deep and intimate level. But these women held space for me. They let me be myself and accepted me as I am. They were there to love and support me every step of he way. I am forever grateful for each and every one of them. I know I made some lifelong friends and women I can truly count on.

I came back from this retreat a brand new woman and excited to see what my future holds.

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