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Jala Clothing

Ok, let's talk workout clothes for a second.

I'll admit, being a single mom, living on a tight budget; I am a total bargain shopper. Most of my leggings and sports bras have been purchased from either Ross or Burlington with the exception of the killer deal from Kohls.

I always sat here all goggley eyed at these brands online. They make their products look incredible! Seamless leggings... Breathable sports bras... Sign me up! But $50+ for one pair of leggings?! You've got to be kidding me! & I don't even know if they will fit when they arrive; Hmmm...

I work as a freelance consultant and signed a new client last month, making my financial situation a little easier for the time being. So what did I do with that extra money?! I ordered workout clothes of course!!! Well, not all the extra money, but I definitely did treat myself a little bit.

I purchased the "align legging" in teal from @jalaclothing. WOW y'all! These are seriously softest leggings I have ever worn! The material is incredible. Extremely comfortable, warm, and soft! Not to mention they fit like a glove... & they are perfect for practicing yoga :)

For a discount visit http://bit.ly/feistyjala

Let me know what you think :)

((White sports bra pictured is also from Jala. I received it a few months back in a Yoga Club box.))

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