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Yes, I have 2 Instagram accounts.

You are not hallucinating. Well, maybe you are ((LoL)) But not about that. ;)

I started @kristina.louise YEARS ago. It was my first Instagram account, before I entered the wonderful world on entrepreneurship.

@Kristina.Louise is filled with photos of me and my daughter, Chloe.

For the longest time, this account was private.

I only accepted requests for people I personally knew in real life.

I did not use hashtags or geotags.

I didn't worry about tagging people, engaging, or growing my following.

I simply wanted to document my time with my daughter.

To think she just turned 11 still absolutely blows my mind.

Back in the day everyone took and developed pictures, filling countless albums with their memories.

But in toady's online world, our social media sites are just that!

Digital photo albums!!

I share out hiking adventures, girls days, movie nights, dinner dates, and so much more.

My life as a single mom is the BEST!!!

I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Sure, it gets hard at times. & yes, I may get lonely on occasion. But nothing makes me happier or brings me more joy then being Chloe's mom.

I recently opened up @kristina.louise and it is no longer private.

I will continue to keep this account for Chloe and I as well as for my modeling and influencer opportunities.

Now moving on to my other page....


I started this page a little over a year ago I believe.

I was new to the world of entrepreneurship and didn't have a clue of what I was doing.

I did know that I wanted to keep my business separate from my personal life as a mom.

I started @thefeistyfityogi as fit.n.feisty actually.

My plan was and still is to document my health and wellness journey... Eventually building my personal brand and offering coaching services.

As you read in a few posts back, I have dealt with some health issues in the last few years.

Now while I've never really been athletic, I did always see myself as healthy.

So when I went from my normal 95 pounds to a measly 81 pounds; I knew I had to make some changes.

The most difficult part was getting little to no answers from the doctor.

So after a few frustrating months, I took matters into my own hands.

If you remember, I was too weak to go to the gym or do anything really.

So first, I had to try to get my strength back and gain a little weight.

I focused heavily on my nutrition. It wasn't that I ate poorly, but I certainly did not eat enough nor was I getting adequate nutrition.

I started keeping a food journal to document symptoms, which really helped out a lot!

After a few weeks, I was feeling better and weighing in at about 89-90 pounds.

A girl friend convinced me to purchase a Groupon for Bikram yoga in Scottsdale. I didn't go as often as I should have, but with the distance it was just too difficult scheduling wise.

I still fell in love with yoga there in that studio.

I began practicing regularly at home, once the Groupon expired. Inversions were my favorite.

So that is how @thefeistyfityogi came to be!

It documents my workouts, my practice, my nutrition, influencer opportunities, and so much more!!!

Be sure to follow both accounts as they both feature very different content.

One is more family oriented while the other is... Not.

I will warn you--- I do strip down on the yoga page.

That is probably my favorite part of my home practice. Being able to practice in whatever I please... In whatever I am comfortable in that day.

Had to throw that in there!!! (((Hahaha)))

Thanks for following! && don't hesitate to slide into my DMs. LOVE connecting with and meeting new people!

Maybe we can grab lunch sometim!

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