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How My Anxiety Landed Me in the Hospital

How my anxiety landed me in the hospital 🏨⁣⁣ Stress kills y'all


6 years ago my life and my health began on a downward spiral


I was an office manager and personal assistant to a marriage counselor. I was working 50 plus hours in office and taking work home with me most nights.⁣ ⁣⁣

I was going through family court as my childs father served me for visitation after being absent for 7 years.

I was a full time mom. I didnt know how to be a part time parent. I was so worried about child. How would they handle all of this?


The stress and anxiety got so bad, I was waking up daily in full blown panic attacks.⁣

My heart would be racing, my palms sweaty, barely making it to the toilet before puking.⁣


I lost my appetite and had trouble keeping anything down.


I was constantly dizzy and lightheaded.⁣


I even blacked out in the garage once, breaking my noise as I slammed my face onto the concrete.⁣⁣


I was in and out of the hospital regularly. ⁣⁣

I lost 12 pounds in a matter of weeks. I was already under weight and didnt have 12 lbs to lose. Doctors provided me with very little answers.⁣⁣

My poor mom was so concerned, she was ready to admit me after doctors said my body was in starvation mode.


I ended up losing my job due to missing so much work, regardless of always having my shift covered and duties taken care of.⁣⁣


Then to top it all off, my boyfriend broke up with me.

So now I needed to find a place to live with no job, no money, and barely able to get out of bed.⁣⁣


We found an apartment and I got a job at a local elementary school and discovered the wonderful world of entrepreneurship!

I quit my job and began working from home for better work life balance

I began meditating and practicing yoga at home daily. It was through these mindful practices that I found a strength I never knew I had.⁣⁣

I altered my diet and started eating healthier.⁣⁣

I did at home workouts and joined the gym.⁣⁣

Now, I'm happier and healthier than ever.


I slowly designed the life I'd always dreamed of and so can you!


I teach and empower women to design the life they desire with mind, body, spirit wellness to create balance and achieve success.


Are you ready to transform your life?

Heal the past

Embrace the present

Design the future you desire

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