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There’s something about being outdoors, connecting with nature, becoming one with mother earth that calls to cannabis users. Some stoners, myself included, find being in nature very grounding and a rather spiritual experience unlike anything else. Whether you are a seasoned stoner or new to medicated movement, this post will provide you with some tips and tricks for hiking high. ⁣

Be Considerate Be Discreet - Don’t be THAT person. Be respectful of those around you, as they are all types of people, families included on the trails. Also, be aware of the laws in the area and if smoking is even allowed. ⁣

Choose the Right Strain - Be sure to do your research. Typically you would stick to a sativa or sativa dominant hybrid for its uplifting effects. However, not all strains are created equal nor do they affect everyone the same. ⁣

Honor Your Hunger - I always recommend packing snacks, especially if you plan on smoking. I suggest sugary snacks or those high in protein. These will keep you energized and fueled.⁣

Pick the Perfect Trail - The trail is just as important as the strain. Make sure it is one that you know and are comfortable with, and can also enjoy the views while hiking high. ⁣

Be Safe - Wildfires are RAGING on the west coast. Rather than lighting up, try a vape pen or electric dab rig. ⁣

Be Prepared - Some items to always carry with you include a backpack, water, knife, first aid kit, headlamp, whistle, sunscreen, your cell phone, and a camera. ⁣

Carry durable, adventure friendly accessories - I do not recommend taking your favorite glass piece on the trail. Silicone pipes are affordable, convenient, and easy to clean. ⁣

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Now, who's hitting the trails this weekend?!?! ⁣

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