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Gut Health

Yall wanna see a transformation...? Ill show you a transformation!

But let's talk health, gut health to be exact

These pictures were taken within weeks of one another-

The picture on the right is me on a good day, zero flare ups.

The picture on the left is on a bad day after having a little icecream.

I have #ibs and #gerd as well as UNKNOWN #foodallergies.

I keep a daily food diary so I can keep track of foods that dont agree with my stomach and cause me to blow up like a balloon.

I've learned to avoid gluten and dairy for the most part. I will do lactose free milk. #fairlife

I've also found the #fodmap diet to be very beneficial. It breaks food down by what causes gas and/or brings water into the gut. Since I've also cut out tomatoes and red sauce, apples, and anything processed.

As you can see, not everyday is perfect. I knew the icecream was a bad idea, but I hadn't been this big in a while. Even my kiddo said "dang mom, its bigger than normal!" Gotta love kids and their unfiltered comments.

Incorporating a probiotic has definitely helped, but it's still a lot of trial and error.

One day I look 4 months pregnant and the next I'm back to normal.

Drop a comment below if you have gut issues and can relate! ❤

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