• Kristina Louise

F*ck What Everyone Else Thinks!

F*ck what everyone else thinks!

I'll admit I use to be so consumed by what other people thought

About me, my life, my habits, my parenting, my job/career, my clothes, my house, whatever

In fact, I was so afraid to be myself I went through life walking on eggshells trying to please everyone else

Being the person I thought they all wanted me to be

Hiding my true self

But you know where that got me?

Crying alone on the bathroom floor wondering why no one loved me and where the hell I went wrong.

But wait--- I'm fucking amazing! I have so much to offer. I am a fantastic human, amazing lover, trustworthy friend, loyal girlfriend, a hardworking mom, a dedicated yogi, and an loving daughter.

I had so much going for me! so much to give!

Why on earth was I selling myself short?

The moment I started living a life of true authenticity, things just started to fall into place.

Do you!

Dont worry about everyone else

Trust in the universe

Those who matter wont mind and those who mind dont actually matter

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