• Kristina Louise

Cannabis Heals

💚 First, thank yall so much for all the sweet messages since Friday 🥰⁣

There is such a negative stigma around cannabis. I want to do my part to break the stigma, especially because of how it has transform my life. ⁣

About 4 years ago, my life was spiraling out of control and my health began to suffer greatly. ⁣

Rather than doctors giving me answers to help fix the problems; they just threw prescriptions at me to mask everything. ⁣

Way to go big pharma. ⁣

I remember I was taking 9 different scripts at one point, BUT with the help of Medical Marijuana now only take two scripts per day to help manage my symptoms. ⁣

Medical Marijuana has many health benefits including but of course not limited to:⁣

👉Alzheimer's disease⁣

👉Appetite loss⁣


👉Crohn's disease⁣

👉Diseases effecting the immune system like 👉Multiple Sclerosis (MS)⁣

👉Eating disorders such as anorexia⁣



👉Mental health conditions like schizophrenia and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)⁣

👉Multiple sclerosis⁣

👉Muscle spasms⁣


👉Chronic pain⁣

The list goes on⁣

Do you use any form of cannabis? 🌬💚👇⁣

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