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Butcher Jones Trail

Happy Monday everyone! What better way to jump start the week then with a magnificent morning hike! I made sure to bundle up before heading out.

I had the pleasure of taking my mom along with me, for her first hike out at Saguaro Lake on Butcher Jones Trail.

I know everyone is so consumed with Camelback Mountain, but I prefer to hike outside the city. Not only is it closer to where I love, but is also less crowded and less pollution because of its location.

So my mom does hike regularly, probably more then me if I am being honest. But she typically sticks to the trails in Usery Park and tends to do the easier trails since she too hikes alone a lot.

But like I've mentioned before, I LOVE hiking the Butcher Jones Trail. Epic views and tons of wildlife.

This morning was perfect weather- overcast, but not too cold.

There was about 10 cars in the parking lot when we arrived, which surprised me. We were there pretty early and typically I would be the only one. But once we got going, we did come up on a few groups. I always try to move to the side letting others pass. I figured its probably easier for me to get out of the way then it would be for some of them. Everyone always seems to appreciate it.

Saguaro Lake is near Mesa along Bush Highway. There are endless hiking and biking trails out this way. But be careful because there are also people out of ATV's and dirtbikes.

Always be sure to take plenty of water, regardless of the time of year and a snack. I also like to drop a pin at my car if I'm exploring a new trail. Just to be sure I can find my way back. ;)

Not only do I enjoy hiking Butcher Jones for the trail, but I LOVE seeing all the wild horses when out at the lake. They are such beautiful creatures and truly majestic. It's sad to think at one point they were going to try to round them all up and get rid of them. As far as I'm concerned, that is their land and if anyone should leave- Maybe it should be us. Remember they are wild animals and to always keep some distance. As long as you don't bother them, they will leave you alone.

The Butcher Jones trail is about 4 miles out and back. It's rated as a moderate trail and I'd say that's a fair assessment. Some parts of the trail may be fairly easy for you while there are other spots that will pose more of a challenge. I've hiked this trail all months of the year and never ran into any issues. My mom did fine and actually very much enjoyed the hike.

My 10 year old daughter enjoys this hike too and we've even taken the dog a couple of times. Just be sure to keep your animals on a leash at all times.

We did go slow today and chatted along the way. The entire 4.2 mile hike took us around 2 hours, with a few short water breaks.

Made it home just in time for lunch too!!!

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