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Breakfast at Kneaders

Did y'all know that Kneaders serves breakfast?! & not just coffee and pastries!

I've been to Kneaders several times for lunch/dinner. Their four cheese cauliflower soup is my favorite, but I do believe it may be seasonal; and their french dip is tasty af!

Saturday morning Chloe and I decided to give their breakfast a try.

Upon arriving, there were only a few cars in the parking lot. The other two breakfast spots in the area are always packed! So this was a nice change of pace.

I always enjoy going inside Kneaders, although they do have a convenient drive through. Its so neat to see all the different nick knacks and seasonal decor they have for sale. They also have a complete gift wrapping station... Perfect for the holidays!!

The moment you walk in the door the smell of fresh baked goods fills your nose. They have pies, cookies, fruit tarts, cupcakes, breads, croissants, and more!

The menu is a good size with something for everyone.

The breakfast menu consisted of a few different omelets, sourdough pancakes, french toast, and oats along with a variety of smoothies and frappes.

Chloe and I opted for the American omelet and a no dairy berry smoothie.

We took a look around store while waiting for our breakfast, which didn't take long to prepare at all.

We decided to enjoy our breakfast outside considering it was a beautiful morning and they had plenty of shaded outdoor seating.

The American omelet consisted of ham, broccoli, and cheese served with toast and orange slices. Whereas I like all of these ingredients, I did not like the omelet. It was incredibly greasy and paper thin. The broccoli could have been cooked a bit longer and the ham could have been cut a little smaller. The toast was fine, but not very toasted. I'm afraid to say the orange slices may have been the best part of this entree and I am pretty sure it is a garnish.

The no dairy berry smoothie was pretty good, not too sweet. Chloe drank most of it and seemed to thoroughly enjoy it.

The atmosphere is great and the staff was friendly, but I am afraid that breakfast was a bit disappointing.

We may will go back sometime to try the pancakes, but for now we'll stick to the lunch menu.

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