• Kristina Louise

Bahama Buck- A Delicious Alternative

Every weekend I try to do something fun with Chloe.

Whether it be going for a bike ride, seeing a movie, taking a hike, or going out to eat. I also always try to give her a few different options; so she can choose what she wants most.

This past weekend she chose Bahama Bucks and I certainly wasn't going to argue. ;)

I love that it is dairy free, since it is shaved ice. They also have fat free, carb free, sugar free, and cholesterol free items to choose from.

We were greeted with a friendly face upon entering. The gal behind the counter asked if we had any questions and then gave us a few moments to look over the menu.

With a variety of menu items and what seems like endless flavors, I let Chloe choose the flavor.

She chose blue coconut. It was delicious!!!!

In addition to their regular menu, they did have a few seasonal specials as well. So we will definitely be going back soon to try those.

They also have a neat little game for the kiddos to play while you wait for your tasty treats to be prepared.

Did you know you can even get snowballs from Bahama Bucks?! How cool is that!

You can even order online to save time and skip the line! Gotta love that.

They have several locations, free wifi, and are a great alternative to your typical ice cream or frozen yogurt.

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