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10 Habits for Success

Top 10 Habits for Success

Speed Learning

Start by reading 15 pages per day (non-fiction). I'll work on putting together a reading list for a future post. Send me suggestions for this if you would like. It's always nice to see what other people are reading.


Read books like Millionaire Success Habits- by Dean Graziosi, Think and Grow Rich- by Napoleon Hill, and Women Who Run with the Wolves- by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. Audio books have been huge for me, being as I can play them while I get ready or drive to the office. Podcasts are also very beneficial. Great way to get motivated for the day.


Figure out your one, most important task of the day and execute accordingly. Also, set a time frame for these goals. Limitations create urgency. Urgency gets things done.

Money Management

Read books like Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Millionaire Fastlane. Draw out your monthly budget and stick to it! I go as far to write out which bills get paid with which check and when. Total fool proof. I do not like automatic payments. So this is the next best thing.

Wake Up Early

Start waking up an hour earlier every day. That’s 365 extra hours a year which equals more than 2 weeks extra time! Think about everything you can accomplish!

Goal Setting

Set your goals in writing. Write everything down and follow through. Those who set goals earn twice as much on average, than those that don’t. Know that it is okay to revise your goals along the way. Things change.

Diet & Exercise

Make sure you get the recommended physical activity daily (if you can do more,

GREAT!). Do this first thing in the morning and just get it over with. I find this also

gets me energized for the day.

Build on Strength

A great way to start and gain some priceless self-knowledge is by taking the

personality test at 16personalities.com. Hopefully you find this as beneficial as I did. You can also try Dean Graziosi's 7 Levels Deep to help you figure out your why if you are struggling with that as well. This is probably one of my favorite exercises.


Connect with likeminded people. Read some books on social skills like How to Win Friends and Influence People and get some great resources on networking. Attend local meet ups, live events, or put together something yourself!


Write down for yourself a certain set of rules (a code of conduct) you will live by that will lead you to a happy and successful life. Read these values when you get out of bed every morning and live accordingly. Daily affirmations can be truly transformational.

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